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Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take to get my finished pieces back?

A. Typically, it takes 3 - 7 days to get your pieces back.  Once you are finished with your piece, it needs to dry completely.  Once it is dry, it is loaded into the kiln to be fired and then cooled- this process takes between 22- 26 hours.  During the holiday season, it may take 7 - 14 days due to volume.


Q. What happens if I need to return to finish my piece?

A. We know that sometimes it is not possible to complete your project in one visit.  Because of space limitations, we will no longer be storing works in process; we will wrap it up for you to take with you and then you may bring it back anytime within 30 days to complete it.

Thank you!


Q. Are you kid friendly?

A. Absolutely!  Children of all ages are welcome to our studio.  Baby's footprints and handprints make wonderful keepsakes!!  We do ask that toddlers and young children are supervised at all times.


Q. Can I use my own paints at home and then bring it in to be fired?

A. Because of the many different types of glazes and paints, we only fire pieces that have been done in our studio.


Q. Will you “fix” my child’s painting?

A. No way- what your child creates is a precious keepsake of who he or she is at this
moment. Do not look for a ‘perfect’ piece- there is no wrong way for a child to express his or her creativity. We are happy to assist with finishing touches such as writing names.



How to Find Us

The Glaze to Be
201 Basin St
Suite 10
Williamsport, PA 17701

Phone: 570 322.PYOP (7967)



Studio Hours

As of October 4:


Monday - Tuesday:

4 - 7 pm*

Friday - Saturday:

1 - 5 pm*

1 - 4 pm*


*We will close one hour prior to stated closing time if the studio is empty.


Private parties may be scheduled by e-mailing us at

















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