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Fundraising Ideas

''Fun''draising Ideas

We promise you've never had THIS much fun while raising money for your organization! Families and friends will have a great time painting and spending time together, while your organization generates funds to cover other events.


Great for all ages- no artisitic ability is required!



Spirit Night

  1.  Select a date and time (this is a 2 hour event)
  2.  Promote the event to your group; a minimum of 15 people is required to hold this event in our studio.
  3.  Paint! Everyone comes into the studio to paint or create glass fusion pieces during your event; everyone pays individually for their pieces
  4.  Get Paid...after your event, you receive a check for 20% of your group's purchases   (less sales tax)!
  5.  Everyone will have a great time painting and hanging out with each other. On the   flip side, your organization gets the benefit of dollars raised. 

* $100 non refundable deposit required  
* Minimum 15 attendees
* Coupons and discounts are not valid for Spirit Night




Party for a Cause


  1. Select a date and time (this is a 2 hour event)
  2. Choose a project (16x 20 canvas painting or pottery painting (mug or cereal bowl))
  3. Invite your friends, family and colleagues
  4. Enjoy your night while raising funds for your cause!

Fee:  $40 per person

10-15 people = $10/person
15-30  people = $15/person
30+ = $20/person

* $100 non refundable deposit required  (applied towards two registrations)
* Minimum 10 attendees
* Coupons and discounts are not valid for fundraisers



We recommend opening the event to the public to maximize sales and awareness about your organization.











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*We will close one hour prior to stated closing time if the studio is empty.


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