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The Glaze to BeCreate. Play. Make memories.

Team Building

Here are some super fun ideas to make your next team build a


Mug Madness

Have each team member draw a name out of a hat and paint a mug for the person whose name they pulled.  At the end, everyone has to guess which mug is which.


Theme Scene

Create a theme for the event (Harry Potter, Disney, Friends, Game of Thrones, Starbucks, etc.) and everyone has to paint and item with that theme.


Playful Plates

Divide plates into sections and pass them around. Each team member paints a section on
each plate so that everyone ends up with a group project.


Communication Commotion

Every team member takes a few moments to write down how they would like their piece detailed as they would like. Then, everyone switches chairs! We'll paint for a bit and switch again!
Maybe even a third time depending on how sassy we're feeling. We'll see how well the control freaks handle this exercise!


We have two options for you- escape the office and come to the
studio or we will come to you!

Please call or email to set up your next team building activity!


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